Is your Criminal Record Holding You Back from Obtaining Employment / Education Opportunities?

Have you found yourself in an endless cycle of rejection notices and unable to gain improved employment and education opportunities? You are not alone; many Canadians with criminal records often face this challenge when going through the application process. Did you know that by obtaining a Record Suspension, you can improve your success rates?

         A Record Suspension will help you not only obtain fair opportunities when being considered for employment but also open up many doors that were previously closed. By attaining higher education and employment you can better support yourself and your loved ones and have an overall higher quality of life.

         Now is the time to invest in your future self! Do not let your past shackle you to a life of unhappiness. Invest in your future by obtaining your Record Suspension so that you can live the life you have always dreamt of.

         A Record Suspension enables you opportunities to travel, volunteer and participate in programs that your criminal record otherwise would impede you from. Having your criminal record pardoned means that your criminal record is sealed, and your background checks would result as no record.

         When applying for employment, the question always arises as to whether you are trustworthy or bondable. Being bondable is an asset when seeking employment as it provides your potential employer the confidence in hiring you to their team. This asset goes hand in hand with having a clear criminal record which can be obtained by a Record Suspension.

If you are eligible for a Record Suspension or would like to inquire for further details, please contact us today to schedule your free no-obligation consultation.

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