Record Suspensions for Simple Weed Possession in Canada

Despite Marijuana being legal in Canada, did you know that as of March 1st 2021, only 395 Record Suspensions have been granted for simple possession? In comparison, according to CTV News, 251 applications have been rejected for being ineligible or incomplete as stated by the Parole Board of Canada.

         Applying for a Record Suspension for Simple Possession of Cannabis is lengthy and similar to that of a typical Record Suspension. The only exception is that there is no waiting period or filing fee. But there is a catch! In order to be successful, you must only have a possession charge that means no trafficking or other offences on your record.

         Legalization of weed in Canada does not automatically mean that all weed-related convictions have been cleared. Did you know that travelling to the United States can be impeded by your pot charges? Not only can your prior weed convictions impede you from attaining employment but it can also bar you from entering the United States.

If you have a Weed, Cannabis, Marijuana, whichever you may call it, charge on your record and are interested in having your record cleared, contact us today to schedule your free no-obligation consultation.

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