Record Purge / Expungement

What is a Record Purge/Expungement?

As you may be aware, a record suspension is a decision made by the government to allow someone that has been convicted of a crime to be free and absolved from that crime. However, when you receive a Record Suspension in Canada, your record is not erased but is rather removed from the main database.
It’s important to know that even non-guilty findings can show up on police record checks. This could be individuals who have been arrested and were given a conditional discharge, absolute discharge, or had their charges withdrawn. These instances do not require a Record Suspension as there is no criminal record, but there is a good chance that a record of arrest will still be visible by law enforcement officials.
Luckily, you can request that these records be purged or expunged.

Why would I Get My Record Purged/Expunged?

Similar to a criminal record, non-guilty findings do not disappear on their own, and they can affect your daily life. Getting your record purged is essential to your ability to do things such as travel or become employed. A purge or expungement of your record means that any fingerprints and photographs in your arrest file are completely destroyed. The arrest record is purged and no longer visible by law enforcement officials across North America.

How to get a Record Purge/Expungement in Canada

To get non-guilty findings purged or expunged, you must take steps to request the records be purged. This can be done by contacting the specific police agency and completing the process.
Taking care of this process on your own can be complicated and overwhelming, which is why 497Cleared offers our services to help you through the process. Our team knows the system well and is committed to getting the job done right!

What is a peace bond?

A peace bond is an order from a criminal court that requires an individual to keep the peace or be on good behaviour for a period of time. A peace bond is meant to aid one in refraining from activities and the direct or indirect contact with another person or location that may lead to another arrest. If the individual can keep the peace for the period set forth by the court, the criminal charges will be dropped or withdrawn
Peace bonds are typically set for a period of one year but can be shorter.
One year is the maximum length of a peace bond.

What is a hybrid offence?

A Hybrid Offense can be any of the examples given in Summary or Indictable offences. Some offences are determinable based on the nature of the offence; however, some are not and can only be confirmed after contacting the Courthouse where the case was heard. Examples of Hybrid Offenses:
  • Dangerous Driving
  • Assault
  • Theft
  • Fraud
  • Criminal Harassment
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