Record Suspensions

What is a Record Suspension/Pardon?

A Record Suspension is a decision made by the government to allow someone that has been convicted of a crime to be free and absolved from that crime. While a Record Suspension does not necessarily mean that this crime is totally erased, it is removed from the database where your criminal record normally lives.

Why do I Need a Record Suspension in Canada?

When a Record Suspension is granted, and your criminal record is removed from the database, people of the public are no longer viewable, such as future employers. By obtaining a Record Suspension, your criminal record is no longer viewable by people of the public. This means better opportunities when it comes to things like employment or travel.

How to Get a Record Suspension in Canada

497Cleared can help you manage your Record Suspension, or you can acquire it on your own by downloading both the application and guide from the Parole Board of Canada website. However, it’s important to know that acquiring a Record Suspension on your own usually takes about 2-3 years from start to finish as there are a number of requirements involved in the process.
497Cleared has an experienced team of Record Suspension professionals ready to help you get back to a normal life experience. We provide you with a free consultation and eligibility check. Our team then assists you through every stage of the process.

Step 1

497Cleared will help you to determine if you are in fact eligible for a Record Suspension in Canada. You can contact a representative of 497Cleared for your no obligation, free consultation.

Step 2

Once your eligibility is confirmed, 497Cleared will begin the legwork of the Record Suspension process. We use our contacts throughout the legal system to quickly gather the details of your conviction. This includes any supporting documentation and a certified physical copy of the criminal record itself.

Step 3

To support the application, 497Cleared will conduct a follow-up search of local records in any area that you have lived during your wait period. This helps to verify your history as a law-abiding citizen.

Step 4

With documentation in hand, 497Cleared will represent you before the Parole Board of Canada. This gives you the benefit of our considerable experience and helps to ensure that your Record Suspension is granted without delay. It’s never been easier!

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