Who We Are

497Cleared is a team of highly experienced Record Suspension and US Entry Waiver experts.

Our team has mastered everything there is to know about the Criminal Code of Canada and the US Homeland Security procedures. This experience, combined with the expertise of our legal experts, has allowed us to successfully help more than 31,000 Canadians over the past 11 years.

We strongly believe that not everyone with a criminal record deserves to live with the burden of that record for the entirety of their life. This is why we strive to develop working relationships based on trust and help Canadians effectively manage their past mistakes through Record Suspensions and US Entry Waivers.

Our Values

At 497Cleared, we value our clients and their experiences with us more than anything. That is why we work so hard to do everything we can to manage the Record Suspension and US Waiver process seamlessly, and we are completely transparent with every application.

We believe in upfront fee disclosures and regular updates and communication. We dedicate ourselves to focusing on honesty in our business relationships every day.

Our Difference

At 497Cleared, we want you to know that you are in great hands and that our team will always work to ensure your needs are either met or exceeded.

Misconceptions in the Criminal Record Management Industry

One of the major misconceptions in our industry is that we can work to erase your criminal record completely. However, this is misleading in that a criminal record can never be completely erased or removed.

Instead, your criminal record can be set aside and managed by industry leaders such as 497Cleared so that you can continue to live life without constraint.

We have made it our mission to ensure that applicants are aware of this important fact. Applicants must have a reliable solution to overcoming the stigma of a past criminal record in all walks of life.

The 497Cleared Written Terms of Service

Unlike other Record Suspension and US Entry Waiver companies, 497Cleared offers the terms of service in writing to our clients – before we even start the application process or accept any payment from our clients. This way, our clients are completely aware of the steps involved and the outcome expected. This clears unnecessary confusion and wrong expectations.

Our terms of service clearly show what we can deliver and give a clear breakdown of each of the fees included within those services.

Why do we do this?

We believe that our written terms of service allow us to be transparent with our clients and start each working relationship on a trustworthy note. We want every person who chooses to apply with 497Cleared to be 100% clear on what they can expect and what we will deliver.

Client Privacy

As you go through the Record Suspension and US Entry Waiver process, you will be sharing your personal information with us. This information is used in your application documents and is integral to the success of your application.

We know that it can be worrisome to have this information in the hands, which is why we maintain privacy laws that ensure the safety of your information at all times.

Each client is assigned just one caseworker at 497Cleared, which is then the only person who can access your private information. We pride ourselves on going the extra mile to ensure we take the proper precautions in storing and working with your confidential information.

497Cleared FAQs

You’re bound to have questions throughout the Record Suspension and US Entry Waiver application processes!

We’re here to get a head start answering those questions and providing you with all of the information you need.

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